For any poultry operation, the need for hatchery management is imperative as the hatchery is the starting point where it all begins - from the fertilized eggs to the newborn chicks. 

Managing a successful hatchery operation involves juggling many complex processes and activities. This is where hatchery management software comes into play.

Livine's cutting-edge hatchery management software provides a game-changing solution. The comprehensive platform streamlines hatchery management in poultry operations through intelligent automation, putting you ahead of the competition. 

This software is designed to automate and optimize all core hatchery activities. It acts as a digital assistant helping hatchery managers stay on top of everything effortlessly and making Poultry enterprise’s operations simpler and more efficient. 


Livine Hatchery Module


Let's take a look at some key ways the software streamlines hatchery operations:

Hatchery Module

Intelligent Egg Handling and Tracking

It all starts with carefully monitoring and tracking the fertilized eggs received from breeders. Livine Hatchery management software logs each incoming egg batch with details like breeder flock ID, egg weights, quantities, etc. Using barcode scanning and integrated weigh scales, the software inventory every single egg accurately and manages the complete life cycle from setting to hatching. 

The hatchery management system helps set customized temperature, humidity, and airflow parameters in setters and hatchers optimized for different egg sources. Sensors continuously monitor these incubation conditions, sending alerts if anything goes awry. 

Such intelligent monitoring ensures high hatch rates with minimal human intervention. The seamless integration feature allows better integration with messages and notifications, helping the farm owners access important information right on their mobile devices.

Automated Candling and Analysis

Don't waste resources on non-viable eggs. Livine's system enables automatic egg candling rejections. The software can be integrated with smart cameras to identify egg fertility and embryo development. Precise data tracking reveals issues like poor egg handling suggesting timely corrective measures.

The system even uses historical data to predict potential cases of non-viable eggs. This ensures only top-quality fertile eggs proceed to the expensive hatching stage, avoiding wastage of electricity and space on duds.

Streamlined Chick Processing and Delivery

After the hatching process finishes, the processing tasks persist. Livine's smart hatchery management system records newly hatched chicks. Grading entries are made on the software based on factors like size, viability, etc. The chicks are automatically sorted into appropriate batches for optimum loading density during delivery.

The software incorporates strict biosecurity protocols at every step to prevent any disease transmission risks. It guides the sanitization of equipment, vehicles, and even personnel protective gear between each chick batch handling. This is critical for safeguarding the health of young chicks.

Optimized Vaccination and Feed Schedules

For newly hatched chicks, timely vaccination and proper feeding schedules are critical for healthy growth. The smart hatchery software automatically sets reminders for each mandatory process based on delivery schedules. It even factors in delays and adjusts vaccination/feed windows dynamically to ensure no misses.

Data tracking and analytics on early chick growth patterns highlight potential bottlenecks or risk areas. This enables hatchery managers to quickly implement proactive improvements to provide the optimal start for young flocks. Livine's system uses artificial intelligence and automates reminders aligned to delivery cycles, dynamically factoring any delays to ensure zero misses.

Reliable Data and Traceability

Livine Hatchery Software benefits

One of the core benefits of hatchery software is the robust data tracking from the very beginning. Every single egg, its source batch details, incubation conditions, and resultant chick information gets recorded accurately. This establishes reliable traceability across the entire supply chain.

Over time, this data provides hatcheries with valuable insights into factors impacting hatch rates, early mortality rates, and more. Equipped with such technological intelligence, operations can continuously get streamlined to improve output and quality consistency. Proper documentation also ensures regulatory compliance.

In essence, specialized hatchery management software brings automation and intelligence to core processes. By minimizing human errors and oversight limitations, the software guarantees reliable high-quality output. Leading poultry companies globally now leverage such smart software systems to maintain their competitive edge.

Livine's Broiler Hatchery Management - The Difference

What truly sets Livine apart is the intimate knowledge of the complexities involved in broiler hatchery management. The highly configurable Poultry solution swiftly adapts to your unique operational needs without software customizations. 

Regulatory documentation also gets simplified while costs are reduced through efficient resource utilization. Also, waste management is the most important aspect of the hatchery operations and the Livine software allows farm owners to keep a tab on proper waste transfer to the rendering plant. 

What You Gain:

  • Flexible integration capabilities to connect with on-ground sensors, testing equipment, etc.

  • User-friendly dashboards with multi-level access controls and permission settings

  • Modular architecture to bundle required components avoiding excess software

  • Local language capabilities and intuitive user experience

By minimizing human errors through intelligent automation, Livine consistently delivers superior hatchability rates helping you outperform. With abilities like break-open analysis and chick grading, Livine is the complete solution a poultry farm requires, to be efficient and profitable. 


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