Controlled Production Process

Livine's broiler farm module ensures your whole production process is well controlled and tracked. Right from DOC (Day old chicks) receipt, housing, brooding, growing, every aspect that affects the health of the chick/bird can be tracked and analysed to maximize yield.


Improved Flock Management

Receive DOC (Day old chicks) and create flocks, plan housing easily. Livine's broiler farm management software provides you a house readiness checklist to ensure the chicks are housed in hygienic facilities to ensure a healthy and happy flock.


Automatic Schedules

Optimize your broiler farm operations with automatic generation of feed, vaccine requirement.  Livine's broiler farm managemnt software allows easy setup of automatic schedules for the lifetime of the flock/batch (day wise, week wise, month wise) based on standards and DOC receipt quantity.


Data Management

Ensure well being of the chicks by capturing all the relevant data including temperature, humidity, water intake, feed intake, daylight..etc. Livine's broiler farm modules not only allows for data capture but presents historical datasets such that it is easy for you to analyze and make informed decisions.


Remote Connectivity

It doesn't matter where your farm location is, data entry is possible via a mobile app. The app stores data locally till you have internet connectivity and can then sync to the system enabling smooth operations even at remote farm locations.

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