Flexible Poultry Operations

Flexibility to create/alter feed and premix formulation to suite the needs of your poultry operation. Ability to analyze the performance of each feed and premix formula with respect to yield, starting from the source of the raw material used.


Smart Reporting

Be one step ahead with the ability to track feed production, consumption and sales with a real time dashboard accessible anytime, anywhere. Intelligent reporting and historic comparison on the feedmill management software, allows for informed decision making.


Wastage Reduction

Equip yourself with a feedmill management software that enables you to reduce wastage by tracking key parameters at every step of the production process. Raw material wastages such as shrinkage can be accurately tracked even on a seasonal level based on historic data analysis.


Improved Analysis

Analyze different yield parameters such as egg weight, bird weight, egg production in comparison to the feed provided to the flock and furthermore, raw material used for the feed.


Automated Operations

Managing your feedmill operations doesn't have to be stressful. Automate your feed mill operations such that stock top up orders are placed when threshold levels are reached. Configure threshold levels based on feed demand and consumption levels.

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