Simplified Operations

Simplify your breeder farm operations. Livine's breeder farm module can intelligently and accurately predict (and place an order for) the required feed, vaccine quantities based on a combination of consumption, historic values and standards.


Data Visualisation

Your breeder farm operations can generate a lot of data. Our breeder farm management software offers dashboards that you can configure to see house wise, flock wise data sliced across different time intervals and many more data visualisation options. 


Precise Tracking

Track your breeder farm performance with precision. Livine's breeder farm module allows you to track production data, hatching egg stock, mortality, feed data with a real time dashboard that you can access anywhere at any time.


Flexible Functioning

Have the flexibility to manage every aspect of your breeder farm operations including, sampling and grading of flocks, body weight analysis, egg grading based on QC and classification based on various parameters, house readiness checklists and a host of other operational features.


Disease Management

Protect your flock against disease. Livine's breeder farm management software provides you the ability for mortality tracking, sampling, reason capturing that enables your veterinarian to perform accurate post-mortem analysis and suggest remedies.

Our Other Capabilities


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