Plan Better

The poultry production planner tells you exactly what and how much you need to procure in order to reach your production targets. This allows you to plan your finances and your production facilities.


Get Valuable Insights

The poultry production planner works on standards as well as historic data to give you insights into your business that allows you to mitigate risks well in advance.


End to End Traceability

Pin point problem areas with accuracy. The poultry production planner provides complete backward traceability (for example: Processed meat to the flock the bird belonged to) to identify origins of your yield.


Play-Out Multiple Scenarios

Input different flock sizes, numbers and standard deviations to project multiple yield scenarios. Compare scenarios and equip yourself with all the data points to make effective decisions.


Savings in Operational Expenditure

The powerful AI engine in the poultry production planner enables you to accurately predict flock cycles and inputs required to reach your production goals. This allows you to deploy capital in a more effective manner.

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