With the poultry software solutions adapting to the latest technological advancements, the future of poultry farming is bound to be more technology driven and less complicated to the poultry enterprises.

What could the future look like? What are the technologies that are causing the disruption? Let’s discuss!

Mobile First

With mobile devices becoming a norm over the years, it has become absolutely necessary to have control of your poultry farm at your fingertips. Easy and quick to access, mobile applications driven by poultry software allows you to get any information about your farm, anywhere anytime.

Alarms & Notifications

The innumerable benefits that an alarm-based notification system in a poultry software offers, is often overseen by most of the poultry farms. Alarms set for selected parameters in a farm allows notifications and messages to be sent to the customer and also the farmer, when certain values are hit. This will ensure that every detail in the farm is known to at a convenient manner.

Data Analysis

Data is a key factor in taking informed decisions and enabling higher performance and scalability in a poultry farm. With tons of data being handled on a daily basis, measuring and analyzing them to drive better performances is a necessity.

Features such as reporting systems in a poultry software solution allows you to measure and analyze your farm data and create reports. Historic data, current data and future predictions together will drive the investments for better planning in the poultry farm.

AI driven future projections

AI is the backbone of many technological advancements and it is not new to the poultry industry. Driven by powerful algorithms, AI allows automating certain processes and ensuring that the system has less errors, is safer and faster.

AI driven data projections, based on various factors of the poultry farm allows you to project the future productions and accurately estimate flock cycles and the actual input required to reach your targeted production value.


All the innovations mentioned above have already been implemented by various poultry software solutions across the world. And with the world poultry production set to increase in few years, production efficiency is the key to meet this demand. And what better partner than the technology itself to help poultry enterprises increase their production?

Livine poultry solution product suit is a comprehensive solution which caters to the needs of all the requirements of a poultry enterprise. Our poultry software comes equipped with individual modules to mange your poultry farm efficiently and effectively.