Livine’s poultry management software is designed to meet the needs of a poultry enterprise of any size.

We got your back with all the
capabilities you need


Livine’s hatchery module improves your production quality with the ability to perform breakopen analysis, chick grading and many more features.


Feed Mill

Livine’s feed mill module enables you to maximize feed and pre-mix production by enabling accurate tracking right from raw material procurement to ...


Breeder Farm

Livine’s breeder farm module enables operational efficiencies, cost optimizations and improved yield with enhanced data capture and projection abil...


Broiler Farm

Maximize production with Livine’s Broiler Farm Module. Track flock performance, feed conversion and many more parameters to make informed decisions...


Layer Farm

Track all aspects of egg production and bird health with Livine’s Layer Farm Module. Equip your layer farms with early adversity detection and prev...


Processing Plant

Livine’s extensive processing plant management solution enables you to produce RTE (Ready-to-Eat) and RTC (Ready-to-Cook) products with efficiency ...


Poultry Production Planner

Make better decisions with Livine’s AI powered poultry production planner.  Accurately project production, arrive at costs and break even poin...


Point of Sale

Have your own outlets selling fresh, frozen, cutops, RTE or RTCs? Equip your outlets with the Livine PoS module to offer better experience and end-...